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Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, DJ BERN always had a strong connection with music. He used the sounds of artists ranging from George Clinton to Jay-Z as a tool to tune out the crime and poverty that crippled the south side of Columbus. Going through grade school and graduating high school without any sense of direction career-wise, DJ BERN picked up DJing after dropping out of college. Specializing in Hip-Hop, R&B, Top 40, Techno, and Neo-Soul, he started out with on-campus parties and icebreakers.

After years of various mixtapes, parties, events, appearances, radio shows, and other ventures, DJ BERN moved to Los Angeles California to expand his footprint and diversify his sound. Who knows whats next for him, but one thing is for certain; DJ BERNs passion for music is like an eternal flame, burning bright forever.