[VIDEO] ‘The Drought’ (Short Film) By Stephen Prewitt (@DJStepOne)



There’s nothing we enjoy more than comedy and creativity. “The Drought” delivers both of those things. Check out this hilarious short film below! Big ups to Stephen Prewitt aka DJ Step One and Superkidsmedia. Tell all of your friends to check this out too! Especially you fellas, because we’ve all been here before.

The Drought (Short Film) from stephen prewitt on Vimeo.

Superkidsmedia Presents “The Drought”
Directed by Stephen M. Prewitt
Starring Larry Graham, John Bruton, Mia Jones, and Yullissa Davilla
Kyle (Larry Graham) hasn’t had sex in 10 months, Alex (John Bruton) has a date planned with Stephaine (Yullissa Davilla). Alex decides to double date with Kyle and ask Stephaine to bring her recently single friend Page (Mia Jones). Alex seeing Kyles sexual struggles decides to give him advice, the only problem is Kyle takes what he says way to far.


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