#bern200 – My Top-Secret Strategy To Lose Weight Fast!


SPOILER ALERT: THERE IS NO MIRACLE SHORTCUT / SECRET TO LOSING WEIGHT. Since March 10th I’ve lost 130 pounds, and it had nothing to do with a revolutionary diet, secret supplement, or extreme workout routine. As with all things in life, shortcuts are not the answer when it comes to losing weight. You’ll either end up with no results, or immediate results that are easily reversed as soon as you fall off of the “lose weight fast” routine. For me, the “secret” to losing 130 pounds so far, and on track to lose another 70 by March 2014, is dedication.

Persistence through adversity is the difference between those who start, and those who finish.¬†Most people that try to lose weight fail because they go into it with a ‘microwave’ mindset. The need for instant results is why fast food restaurants are so popular (and why most Americans are overweight in the first place). Think about it; it takes years to get 200 pounds overweight, so in order to reverse this process, it will take more than 2-4 weeks of effort. Those fad diets are appealing because they promise instant results, but you’ll gain the weight back quicker than you lost it as soon as you go back to your normal, unhealthy lifestyle.

What’s so hard about dedication? I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t struggle with sticking to the plan. I don’t enjoy going to the gym every day, eating the same meals every single day, and restricting myself from going to social events knowing that I may consume something that’s outside of the guidelines of my diet. However, my struggle with weighing over 400 pounds was much more challenging. I know that every step I take is progress every day, and no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, it’s one step closer than I was yesterday. I make a conscious effort to put in the work every day and to dedicate myself to making a change, because losing weight is one of the rare things in life that is 100% up to the person.

Dedication¬†works best when you have a goal in mind. Those moments when you want to quit, whether it’s with weight loss, school, your career, a relationship, or whatever else, is when you need to think of your ultimate goal. Your desire to want to achieve that goal must outweigh the temporary struggle you’re going through when you want to quit. In the beginning there are days that I wanted to cut my workout time in half, but I knew that the additional 30 minutes of cardio a day would add up to several more years of living life healthy.

Whatever your goal is, the secret to success is dedication. Being dedicated to your goal and visualizing yourself crossing the finish line will make your temporary frustrations, struggles, and hard times less severe. It’s all about the bigger picture. What does dedication mean to you? Leave a comment below.

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