[VIDEO] @HodgieStreet – ‘Make It’

Hodgie Street is back with the first drop “Make It” from his debut album “American Dreamin”. Make It, produced by Wax and mixed by Rashad (Stalley “Lincoln Way Nights”, Stalley “Samson, Currensy “Privacy Glass”) features witty word play over dope instrumentation. The video was shot by Ted Cadillac (Juicy J’s Videographer) in Columbus, OH. American Dreamin, Executive Produced by Rashad also features production from Chase N Cashe and is set to drop Fall 2013.

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Hodgie Street Bio

Born and raised in Lima, OH currently residing in Columbus, OH, Hodgie Street started his musical career in 2001 and has made a name for himself in the Midwest music scene throughout the years. Hodgie has ghost written for different industry artists and was first noticed by R&B singer Ginuwine in 2005. He was first offered a recording contract at the time by Ginuwine but declined and maintained a relationship with the singer.

Hodgie has since gone on to release numerous Mixtapes and independent records. Most recently Hodgie released The Go In Part Deux in late 2012 with popular Midwest DJ, DJ EV which hit numerous online publications and blog sites including Complex Mag, Vibe and Allhiphop.com. Singles “Kush” Featuring Rashad and “Dope” Featuring Jerreau of Fly Union respectively reached Complex Mag, Hip Hop Nation on Sirius XM and more. After winter and spring touring, including performances at the 2013 SXSW events, Hodgie is currently working on his first album titled “American Dreamin” which features production from Rashad (Stalley Lincoln Way Nights x Currensy – Privacy Glass) Chase N Cashe (Drake – Look What You’ve Done) and more. “American Dreamin” is set to release in Fall 2013. The American Dreamin promo tour will begin in October 2013.

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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hodgiestreet

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hodgiestreet17

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