#bern200 – Fit By Force: The Journey Begins For Kimberly


The objective of the #bern200 movement is motivation for people who want to achieve their goals. Weight loss is something that a lot of individuals struggle with, and if I can motivate at least one person to get where they want to be, I would be satisfied. Kimberly has stepped up to the plate. Kimberly has agreed to share her story of struggle with weight, and put it out there for the world to see. Read what she has to say below!

I’ve hated exercise since the first time I was beat for not exercising properly. Yes, you read that correctly. I was beat, NOT to be confused with disciplined, for stopping during a run. I was seven years old. I had THAT parent that was a fitness fanatic and wanted to instill it in me. Good intent. Poor implementation.
I’ve loved food for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a house full of love food. I had the privilege of having my grandmother and great grandmother growing up and they loved to cook and I loved to eat. The love food was abundant. Like all horribly written movies, what happens next is expected. I gained weight; a LOT of weight. I lost it with all sorts of fads: starvation, coffee diets, vegetable soup diet, Master Cleanse, pills, fat camp, and fat shots. The pills were by far my favorite! HELLO ephedra!
But when the pills and fad diets went away and I needed love food because I wasn’t ready to deal with the real demons inside of me, 150 pounds became this ugly number. 238. 238. 238. TWO EFFING THIRTY EIGHT.
I haven’t revealed my weight to ANYONE since I left the 170s. I’m both embarrassed and empowered by revealing it. I feel like this huge weight (no pun intended) is lifted off my shoulders. No lies to me, no lies to family, and no lies to friends. Just truth. 238 pounds of truth.
In the past, I exercised and monitored my eating because of fear. The pain of getting beat for stopping in a run or getting ridiculed for the number on the scale was far greater than the pain of a run. Survival made me fit.
Today I will choose to do it out of love. Love for a man that has shown me every day for the last 6 months that it can be done with no tricks or shortcuts. Love for myself so I can live for me. Love for my child so I can be around as long as possible. And love for a “we”, for the common goal of having a healthy and fit family. Love food is not life. Food can give you life but food is not life. Life is love for yourself and others.
I begin this journey a bit embarrassed, a bit overwhelmed but entirely motivated. This journey is more than conquering the number on the scale it’s about finally facing those inner demons and loving my life: past, present, and future.

I want to congratulate Kimberly for making the decision to change for the better. Kimberly will be checking in periodically with progress, as well as recipie posts for those that need a few meal ideas.

5 Replies to “#bern200 – Fit By Force: The Journey Begins For Kimberly”

  1. Jackie says:

    Proud of you two. I to have began a journey… 40 pounds to go :). Love life!!! We can do it! Keep it up!

  2. Annamaria says:

    Best wishes Kimberly-ya!! You are already doing a fabulous job with that great attitude!! Po Pos!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    You can do it! I’m looking forward to following you journey of disappearing!!! Whoohoo!!!

  4. Monica says:

    So brave for sharing! Proud of you Kimberly. You can DO this!

  5. Yu Na says:

    So glad to see you two really making it happen! It’s motivating

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