#bern200 – Moving The Weight: Govan (@ThereIsNoOwl) Lost 135 lbs. & Is Adding Muscle With Motivation


It took me a long time to get the strength and courage to make the changes essential to live a healthier life. I consider myself very fortunate to personally know a handful of people that decided to take control of their health. ‘Moving The Weight’ is a series that will feature success stories from friends that have motivated me on my weight loss journey.

Not every story is just about losing weight. There are plenty of skinny unfit people walking around. Govan showed me the way with his story, and while I’m trying to lose 200 lbs total I’m also going to add about 30 lbs of muscle. Here’s his story.

Name: Govan Curl Jr
Age: 26
Height: 6’2″
Before Weight: 320
How I Gained It: Eating whatever i wanted and being an overall lazy person without a lot of real ambition or drive.
Breaking Point: There wasn’t necessarily a breaking point. in March of 2010, My parents signed the family up for a weight loss challenge through 10tv commit to be fit as a way to try and get me working out and thats what got the ball rolling.
How I Lost It: In the beginning i played a lot of basketball and ran in the mornings on the elliptical machines. I would go to the gym twice a day whenever i could and burn as many calories as possible. I ate mostly lean meats and veggies and i lost about 50 pounds in 2 months for the contest. I got down to about 185 in the summer of 2012 when i almost became a runner. I started to run races and i ran whenever i could but then it got cold and i fell madly in love with the weight room.
Current Weight: 215
GOAL: 235
The Hardest Part About Losing Weight Is…. Losing weight isn’t actually hard, in my opinion. The toughest part is convincing yourself that you need to and staying dedicated even when results aren’t immediately apparent. One thing i learned through my journey is that the battle with weight and body image is a hell of a lot more mental than physical. The human body is an amazing machine that will pretty much do anything your mind tells it to.
My Advice To Those Trying To Lose Weight: Don’t get caught up in the end results because there is no end to being fit and healthy. Find a way to take pride and find enjoyment in your journey and it’l be a lot easier not to get burnt out.

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