#bern200 – Six Tips To Help You Reach Your Goals



They say a goal without a timeline is just a dream. It has become more popular to talk about the things you want to achieve than to actually put plans into motion. However, talking doesn’t get you anywhere in life and plans turn into regrets of missed opportunities and wasted time. I’ve put together six tips that will help you achieve your goals and taste the success you desire.

1) Be Realistic
The easiest way to fall short of your goal is to set it way too high. Research, and be aware of the difference between what’s difficult and what’s impossible.

2) Outline A Monthly Plan
A year is a LONG time, but you can chip away at your goals by setting markers and short term goals. Decide how you will deal with the temptation to cheat on a diet or take a break. Always have a backup plan. It’s easy to do things when the conditions are ideal, but remind yourself of your ultimate goals when you’re feeling weak.

3) Have Close Family and Friends Hold You Accountable
The best thing to do is get people that care about you to hold you accountable and keep you motivated. Having a workout partner that has the same passion and desire as you would be ideal, but inform family and friends of your goals so they can keep you in line.

4) Reward Yourself
Celebrate your success by treating yourself to something you enjoy that doesn’t interfere with your goal. Rewarding yourself with food isn’t a good way to celebrate weight loss.

5) Track Your Progress
Keep track of each small success and minor setback. Your achievements and let downs, if done properly, will keep you motivated on the daily. Trying to lose 100 pounds is hard, but trying to lose 5 pounds a week is a lot easier.

6) Don’t Give Up
Struggle is temporary, but quitting is forever. After making progress, giving up has to be the biggest waste of time ever. Look at it like this; if you quit, you will be in the exact same place forever. However, if you keep going, you will make progress, no matter how small it may be.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, save money, quit smoking, or any other goal for 2014, these tips should help you on your way to the top of the mountain. Remember that it isn’t a race, and the only one who can stop you is the person in the mirror.

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