[MUSIC] @AntoineEdmonson feat Jasmine Jordan – ‘Passport’ (PROD. BY SUPERSTAR O)


Check out this joint from the homie Antoine Edmonson featuring Jasmine Jordan called “Passport” 

December 2012, I went to purchase my first passport. Upon purchase, I realized that it only cost $140. That price point was far less than I had imagined. Had I researched the price earlier, I would have realized that a passport, my ticket to see the world, was $10 less than Jordan’s were when I was a teenager. My grandmother used to gift me $150 three times a year. She would send me to Footlocker to brave the lines synonymous with sneakerhead culture, to buy the latest pair of Michael Jordan tennis shoes. But these weren’t just shoes, these were my life. I placed my life in the hands of inanimate objects. What if my grandmother said “no” whenever I asked for ‘the shoes,’ and saved the money and gifted me with a passport and plane ticket to a foreign country for graduation? What kind of person would I be today?

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