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The past 12 months of my life have been a journey to say the least. A lot of hard work and consistency brought me to this point. I am happy to say that I’m not the only person I know chasing their dreams. “By Any Dreams Necessary” is a compilation of music from some of the most talented and passionate artists I know. I feel privileged to say that I personally know so many talent folks, and I am more than eager to share their work with you. Click on the link to download some amazing music from Antoine Edmonson, Trek Manifest, Correy Parks, Rappinismyhabit, Snow, SupaNatra, Nes Wordz, Fabrashay A, Philly P, Real T@lk, Efficial, Vick Vega, and more!




  1. Lindsay says:

    Just want to say “Thanks a lot” for picking me as one of the wirnnes for the last challenge. I love Bugaboo and sure love that prize. I also want to thank all the DT’s that have left some love when you viewed my project. You have a wonderful team of people and it’s always a pleasure to join your challenges. Love the DT’s inspiration projects here. Great job! God bless!

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