[MUSIC] Nes Wordz (@NesWordz) – ‘Holy Ghost’ Produced By Tha Audio Unit, SupaNatra & Jacoti Sommes

Stupid Genius Cover

It’s time to catch the Holy Ghost with Exec Gang’s own, Nes Wordz. “Holy Ghost” is the first look inside Nes’ forthcoming project Stupid Genius which is set to drop sooner than expected. For the production duties, Nes enlisted, Tha Audio Unit, SupaNatra & Jacoti Sommes, who all have respective production credits under their belts which include Smoke DZA, French Montana, Jeremih and others. Stupid Genius will be available on iTunes this time next week.


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  1. Daikon says:

    What a sad, sad story. I thought that all the laelribs were so excited that they got the new president they wanted and that patriotism was “in” again. Devin, I hope that you remain safe. You might have a video camera ready near the front of the house in case there is another meeting with these “church” folks. Fly your flags, America. Good men and women fought to give you that right.Sylvia

  2. That’s 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

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