Ep 138: Some Bobby | WBRN Radio

May 20, 2020

Another under-appreciated R&B artist, especially since his debut album is a certified CLASSIC (I said what I said). Fair warning; half of this mix is songs from his debut album and IDC! Get you some Bobby V

Ep 137: Just Blaze Part 2 | WBRN Radio

May 19, 2020

With this mix, I focused on songs outside of the Roc-A-Fella catalog. Let me know what you think! Part 3 coming soon

Ep 136: YOU HAD ONE JOB | WBRN Radio

May 18, 2020

In the Luda vs Nelly battle, there was a poor internet connection and questionable song selections from Nelly. However, dont get it twisted; Nelly got hits. I might be biased but I think my selections on this mix are betterRead More

Ep 135: Just Blaze Part 1 | WBRN Radio

May 17, 2020

Easily in my top 3 producers (do yall know who the other two are?), this might be a 3 part series. Too many jams. Let’s go get em Jus!

Ep 134: Car Tunes | WBRN Radio

May 16, 2020

This mix is dedicated to the long daytime drives with all of the windows down. These songs are either about cars or inspire car rides. Check it out!

Ep 133: OutKast | WBRN Radio

May 15, 2020

The greatest Hip-Hop group of all time. That’s it. Check out this short OutKast mix and let me know what you think

Ep 132: Good Job Larry Pt. 2 | WBRN Radio

May 14, 2020

Back again with part 2 of some of the best songs put out by Larry June. If you’re not hip, get in tune with this!

Ep 131: Bird Tapes – The Warmup feat R I $ I O | WBRN Radio

May 13, 2020

Our second mix from R I $ I O features a bunch of high energy, woman fueled party vibes for the summer, whenever we get back outside. Check it out!

Ep 130: Good Job Larry Pt. 1 | WBRN Radio

May 12, 2020

Larry June is probably my favorite new artist… Well, he’s new to me but after doing some research, he has over 40 projects listed on streaming services. This mix was over an hour but I decided to cut them down.Read More

Ep 129: 50 Cent vs Ja Rule | WBRN Radio

May 11, 2020

These Verzuz battles are coo, but honestly there are a lot of matchups we want to see that will probably never happen. 50 vs Ja is one of these, so check out this mix I made featuring some of theirRead More