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[MUSIC] Correy P (@CorreyParks) – ‘The Lock and Key EP’


Hip Hop music, at it’s core, is about men and women telling stories people can relate to from their unique perspective. The money cars clothes and other irrelevant topics that are glorified in today’s culture may get the most shine, but authentic music still exists, mainly on the independent level. Correy P has put together ‘The Lock and Key EP’ for those of us that want to hear that true Hip Hop sound; the kind that can’t be forced or fabricated. These tracks are well crafted and definitely more than you would expect from an artist on their debut project. Check out the soundcloud link below and download the zip file.


[MUSIC] Correy P – ‘Jodeci Back Freestyle’ @CorreyParks



I’m very hesitant to listen to anyone rap on this beat because Drake and J. Cole did so much damage to it, that anything else is just going to pale in comparison (see ‘Versace’ freestyle by whoever). With this being the first official recording by young Correy P, I really didn’t know what to expect. I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the style/flow over this beat. Check it out below!!!