#bern200 – Six Tips To Help You Reach Your Goals

January 2, 2014

  They say a goal without a timeline is just a dream. It has become more popular to talk about the things you want to achieve than to actually put plans into motion. However, talking doesn’t get you anywhere inRead More

#bern200 – 2014: New Year, New Me? Why Not…

January 1, 2014

2014 is now here. For most people, the beginning of a new year is the time to set goals and renew life. We sometimes get so lost in everyday activities that during the holidays we reflect on life and findRead More

#bern200: ‘Death To All Dreamkillers!’ / ‘Friend or Foe?’

November 19, 2013

I wrote on Facebook that I wanted to compete in a marathon next year. Here was an interesting response I received: ‘Lmao that’s for the ultra super Olympic runners. It’s to qualify so it’s super competitive. I’m not saying (DJRead More