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#bern200 – 2014: New Year, New Me? Why Not…


2014 is now here. For most people, the beginning of a new year is the time to set goals and renew life. We sometimes get so lost in everyday activities that during the holidays we reflect on life and find that throughout the year we have just been “going through the motions.” 365 days of 9-to-5 work without accomplishing many of our real goals and aspirations. Every year I told myself that I would lose weight, save money, settle down, and other ideas that I never fully intended on executing. However, with the accomplishments I’ve made in this past year with my new mindset, I am confident that any goals I set for 2014 will be reached. As cliche as it is to set goals for the new year, if a new calendar is the motivation you need to get your life right, then use that to your advantage and get it together. It may be hard, but if you focus on changing a few daily habits you can find yourself celebrating in December 2014, rather than reflecting and feeling disappointed.
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