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‘Our Kids Deserve Better Music’ Campaign Presented By @AntoineEdmonson


It’s refreshing to see rappers with a positive message in their music. The artform has been corrupted by the media, as the pursuit of fame and fortune has caused Hip Hop artists everywhere to create whatever it takes to sell records. Antoine Edmonson is fighting to change that, to save the children and give them the positive influence they need. The ‘Our Kids Deserve Better Music’ campaign is to make an ‘album that will create a clean, safe, healthy music industry for our youth.’ Here’s an excerpt from his website:

“Once I came to my senses as a young adult, I decided to be the change that I want to see for the next generation of recording artists and consumers. For the past 6 months, I have been working the album that will create a clean, safe, healthy music industry for our youth. As an independent artist, I finance every aspect of my music career. I have been able to record 44 songs (click here to hear a song I have finished) with money that I saved while working as a campus aide at an elementary school. However, I don’t have enough to put the finishing touches on it that are necessary for it to be a presented in a professional way. So today, I’m asking for your help in financing the remainder of the project.”

Check out the website at http://www.ourkidsdeservebettermusic.com/ to read about his mission, contribute to his album, and/or buy tickets to the show in Los Angeles Sunday, November 17th 2013. Our kids definitely deserve better music, don’t you agree? Leave a comment below!

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[MUSIC] @AntoineEdmonson is ‘GOING POSTAL’ and Needs Your Help!

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Ohio’s own Antoine Edmonson launched a kickstarter this week to raise money to fund his next album and needs our help! Check out the passage below, taken from www.imgoingpostal.com or hurry and click the link to make a contribution!

Going Postal: Memoirs of Middle America

As a teenager living in Englewood, Ohio, I did not want to be from the suburbs. I wanted to be like my favorite rappers on television glorifying the life as a drug dealer in the hood; the girls and the money were the most appealing to me. As I matured, I learned that most of those stories were fabricated, but the damage had already been done. I spent 10 years of my life  chasing a lie. So when I picked up the microphone, I made a conscious decision to break this cycle for the next generation.

This Kickstarter will inspire many people.

I’ve been performing throughout the greater Los Angeles area for the past two years and I have met a lot of talented artists who are passionate about creating a music industry where integrity means more than money, but they feel discouraged about the possibilities of their music traveling farther than LA. They feel that there are not people who will support music with a positive message anymore, but not me. I don’t believe that to be true.

Or else, why would you be here right now?!

To some people $114,100 may sound like a lot of money, but it is a relatively small budget when it comes to making a professional album that will touch millions of people. Since we are making this album together, I wanted to be transparent about where the money is going:

Financial Breakdown:

  • Music Video Production- $25,000
  • Music Production (Beats)- $19,000
  • Lodging- $18,000
  • Studio- $14,000
  • T- Shirts- $7,600
  • Graphic Design- $5,000
  • Website Design- $5,000
  • Equipment- $4,350
  • Marketing – $3,000 
  • Campus Events Planning Conference – 2,350
  • Communication Expenses- $1,800
  • Physical copies of album- $1,800
  • Mixing & Mastering- $1,400
  • Buttons & Stickers- $350
  • 5% that Kickstarter takes when you meet your goal : $5,415

Since you have chosen to be generous with your resources, I wanted to make sure that I gave you more of me! I could never express to you how much your support means to me, but I tried my best in thinking of rewards for all the people who make this happen! Some of the rewards available include:

  • EP of 4 songs in which I will collaborate with you on. Taking  your ideas and turning them into music.
  • Spend 24 hours in LA with me
  • I’ll perform a concert in your home + shoot a music video there
  • Private listening party
  • Be a guest hype man at one of my shows
  • Going Postal T Shirt
  • Be a part of the album artwork
  • Behind the scenes footage of the making of the album
  • Free copy of Going Postal: Memoirs of Middle America

We don’t need a record label, or the radio. We need each other! Ten years from now, people will look back and say that this Kickstarter sparked the flame that trailblazed a new generation of artists into the music industry. The youth of tomorrow will be empowered by the fact that they can exist in a world who encourages them to be honest. Gone will be the days when people impersonating artists will rule the radio, and that day starts now!

Please share this effort with EVERYONE you know on every social network that you have! Also, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

I hope you live before you die,

Antoine Edmonson”