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#bern200 – The Marathon Continues…


It has been 699,840 minutes, or 11,664 hours, or 486 days, or 69 weeks (rounded down), or 1 year 3 months 29 days since I decided to take control of my life and health. When I started I wanted to go from 380 pounds to 250 pounds in a year, but once I saw how quickly I was losing weight, I decided to set the bar at 180 pounds in a year. I still haven’t hit that goal, but I’ve passed a number of unimaginable milestones since last March 10th. Each one motivates me to work even harder. This fitness journey is a marathon, not a sprint, and the more I progress the more goals I see for myself.

Around the year 2010 I was at my heaviest, weighing in at over 400 pounds. I had so many health problems that I disguised as normal everyday occurrences, keeping denial as the roadblock to my life of fitness. There wasn’t one specific incident that made me want to change my life; a collection of situations, embarrassments, and disappointments over the course of 4 years lead to me deciding enough was enough. After numerous failed attempts at losing weight I made it my mission to work out and eat right EVERY DAY with no days off.

Three months in, I lost 68 pounds and was overjoyed with happiness. Not a single day or meal cheating, and an hour of cardio each day made this transformation possible. Afraid of the “inevitable” plateu, I started introducing a few carbs back into my diet each Saturday morning. I didn’t want to entirely fall off of the wagon, so I ate two biscuits just to balance things out. Staying consistent helped me progress.

By the time October 2013 rolled around, six months into my diet, I lost 130 pounds and hit my first goal of 250 pounds. However, this month I moved to El Paso from Los Angeles. With new surroundings, it was hard to keep up my routine. Also, being around new people meant lots of eating out and socializing, which slowed progress of my diet.

Holidays came and went, and while I continued to work out consistently (though not every day), the food I was eating wasn’t the best for weight loss. In addition to my lack of eating discipline, I started lifting weights as well. From October 2013 to May 2014 I only lost an additional 25 pounds.

Discouraged, I decided to give my body a restart and get back to the strict routine I had at the beginning of my journey. In June 2014 I participated in the Whole30 diet, which is famous for detoxifying/resetting the body, but fell short in staying consistent after 17 days. Though I didn’t complete the whole 30 days, the results of my efforts were incredible, as I was less bloated and had more energy. I was ready to get back on track.

That brings us to July, where I’m back to lifting and cardio 7 days a week, and a structured strict eating plan which includes an 80/20 Paleo plan with a protein shake for lunch. No junk food, fast food, fried food, alcohol, or anything else that will slow me down. I hope to be below 200 pounds by my 30th birthday in October.

Since starting last March, I’ve accomplished things I have NEVER dreamed of, even when I was younger and in my then peak physical form. I ran a mile in 9 minutes, I can do more than 1 situp lol, and I can bench press more than I ever have. My waist is smaller than it was when I graduated from high school (when I was 190 pounds) and I feel GREAT.

The moral of this story? Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency is still the only way to conquer your tasks, and although you might fall off every now and then, you can always get back on. But STAY THERE; don’t let your slip-ups undo all of the hard work you’ve done. Take 4 weeks to get yourself in a routine, STICK WITH IT, and don’t cheat. You’ll see how easy it gets, over time.

I’ll end this with one of my favorite quotes.

Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.

MOTIVATION MONDAYS: ‘The Weight Is Over’ Video Talking About Losing 150 Pounds In 12 Months


What a difference a year makes. On this day exactly one year ago I decided to commit myself to a better lifestyle and put in the work daily to regain my health and control of my life. There have been numerous obstacles over the past 12 months, but I am happy to say that I’ve lost 150 pounds (so far). Check out the video below as I talk about my struggles and progress, and I also say goodbye to my beard.

[VIDEO] The Bacon Bouquet Tutorial by @KoreanGold


If your husband / boyfriend is anything like mine, he LOVES bacon! This past Valentines Day, I decided to replace that boring bouquet of roses with some bacon roses. Visually appealing and equally as tasty! For you, Valentines may have come and gone but this would also be a great gift for 3/14, or any occasion! Let us know what you think!

#bern200 – Week 37: How Much Does 141.2 Pounds Weigh?


I weigh myself daily. This is not recommended for the most part, because depending on what you eat / drink, your weight can fluctuate 8-10 lbs every day. However, I eat and drink the same amounts day in and day out, and I consistently see progress on the scale in the form of lower numbers. Losing 3, 4, or 5 pounds a week seems like a small amount, but when you multiply that by the total number of weeks I’ve been going through this process, it adds up to a lot. I rarely sit back and reflect on how much progress I’ve made thus far, but I saw a post on the internet the other day comparing weight to everyday objects, and it really put things into perspective for me.

At my heaviest I weighed well over 400 lbs, but I don’t know the exact number because not too many scales go over that amount. I weighed myself this morning, and the scale read 238.8 lbs. When I started in March 2010, I was 380.0 lbs. This means in the past 8 months I’ve lost 141.2 pounds. How much is 141.2 pounds in the real world though? I searched the internet to find things to compare with this number, to put things in perspective.

I’ve lost 141.2 pounds since March 2013, which is more weight than

  • 7 Automobile Tires
  • 5 Technics 1200MK2 Turntables
  • 4 Cinder Blocks
  • 4 Mid-Side Microwaves
  • 15 Gallons Of Water
  • 1.8 Gold Bricks
  • The complete Encyclopedia Britannica
  • The average adult woman (at 5’4″, the average height)


I am very happy with my progress thus far, as well as surprised with how rapid the progress has been. However, my goal is still to lose 200 pounds total in a year, so I have 58.8 pounds, or the equivalent of an average 7 year old child, more to lose. Whatever your goal is, try to put it in perspective, and remember that life isn’t a sprint, its a marathon.

#bern200 – Moving The Weight: Govan (@ThereIsNoOwl) Lost 135 lbs. & Is Adding Muscle With Motivation


It took me a long time to get the strength and courage to make the changes essential to live a healthier life. I consider myself very fortunate to personally know a handful of people that decided to take control of their health. ‘Moving The Weight’ is a series that will feature success stories from friends that have motivated me on my weight loss journey.

Not every story is just about losing weight. There are plenty of skinny unfit people walking around. Govan showed me the way with his story, and while I’m trying to lose 200 lbs total I’m also going to add about 30 lbs of muscle. Here’s his story.

Name: Govan Curl Jr
Age: 26
Height: 6’2″
Before Weight: 320
How I Gained It: Eating whatever i wanted and being an overall lazy person without a lot of real ambition or drive.
Breaking Point: There wasn’t necessarily a breaking point. in March of 2010, My parents signed the family up for a weight loss challenge through 10tv commit to be fit as a way to try and get me working out and thats what got the ball rolling.
How I Lost It: In the beginning i played a lot of basketball and ran in the mornings on the elliptical machines. I would go to the gym twice a day whenever i could and burn as many calories as possible. I ate mostly lean meats and veggies and i lost about 50 pounds in 2 months for the contest. I got down to about 185 in the summer of 2012 when i almost became a runner. I started to run races and i ran whenever i could but then it got cold and i fell madly in love with the weight room.
Current Weight: 215
GOAL: 235
The Hardest Part About Losing Weight Is…. Losing weight isn’t actually hard, in my opinion. The toughest part is convincing yourself that you need to and staying dedicated even when results aren’t immediately apparent. One thing i learned through my journey is that the battle with weight and body image is a hell of a lot more mental than physical. The human body is an amazing machine that will pretty much do anything your mind tells it to.
My Advice To Those Trying To Lose Weight: Don’t get caught up in the end results because there is no end to being fit and healthy. Find a way to take pride and find enjoyment in your journey and it’l be a lot easier not to get burnt out.

#bern200 – Good Eats: Four Ingredient Crockpot Spaghetti Squash ‘Spaghetti’ by @KoreanGold

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 8.54.39 PM

I literally have no clue what to call this. No jazzy name comes to mind but the meal speaks for itself. A no cook, no fuss ALL delish meal! This is a perfect meal for those days when you feel like doing NOTHING for dinner. Spaghetti with squash instead of pasta for the Paleo freaks out there!



  • 1large Spaghetti squash (approximately 5 lbs)
  • 3 tablespoons Extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 24oz can Spaghetti sauce (check the ingredients!!!!) (My own recipe will come soon but for this we used a Sprout’s version)
  • 15 Meatballs (again; CHECK the ingredients!!!) (Again, my recipe will follow but for the sake of being lazy and not wasting what was already in the freezer we used Kirkland brand frozen meatballs)

The Sauce
Toss your carefully chosen spaghetti sauce and meatballs in a crock pot on low for 4 hours or 6-8 on warm.

The Squash
We chose a pretty large squash but only because we used the leftovers for a yummy curry.
-Preheat oven to 400.
-Halve your squash and scoop out insides. Discard insides and lightly coat squash with extra virgin olive oil.
-Line a large baking sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper ( you don’t HAVE to do this, but who wants to wash a pan when you don’t have to). Place the squash flesh side down. Using a fork, poke holes in the squash. Place in oven for 40 minutes.

Your squash is done when you can easily pierce it with a fork or knife.  Once the squash is cool enough to handle, scrape the squash out of its shell in a vertical motion. The squash will come out in strands and should come out very easily. Make sure to get to the shell; you can get A LOT of our your spaghetti squash if you exercise patience.

The Meal
Top your squash with your crockpot sauce and BOOM your meal is done!

The “Gold”en Touch
Make your squash a few days ahead of time. This will save you a lot of time during your week. Squash stores well in the fridge. One large squash makes about 6 hungry man servings or 8 reasonable portions.
Spend a day making your own sauce and meatballs. Both can be frozen and stored. This will save you tons of hidden calories and preservatives.
While the above tips might make this meal labor intensive, it is a ONE time labor intensive project that will make your week day meal planning so much easier. And if you lack the time or energy to make your own sauce and meatballs, that’s OKAY. Semi home made is ALWAYS better than your fast food or casual dining options; for your waistline and your wallet.

Also, keep in mind that spaghetti squash is NOT spaghetti. It doesn’t swirl on your fork like spaghetti nor does it have that bite like a piping hot bowl of al dente pasta but you’ll soon forget that once it registers that 1 cup of spaghetti squash has a whopping FORTY TWO calories!
Try it and let me know what you think! Leave a comment below!

#bern200 – Moving The Weight: Stefanie (@CurvesCouldTalk) Used #WW360 To Lose 110 Pounds!


It took me a long time to get the strength and courage to make the changes essential to live a healthier life. I consider myself very fortunate to personally know a handful of people that decided to take control of their health. ‘Moving The Weight’ is a series that will feature success stories from friends that have motivated me on my weight loss journey.

Name: Stefanie Arocha
Age: 28
Height:  5’4
Before Weight:  264 POUNDS
How I Gained It:  Emotional eating. I grew up in a family where everything was super-sized and the way we bonded was food. Not to mention, I had break-ups (with the same man) and that took a HUGE part in me gaining weight.
Breaking Point: I had two breaking points. One came in 2007 when I miscarried and the doctor told me it was because of my weight. I had stopped losing weight in 2010 but in 2011, after my ex and I broke up, I was tired of being sad about myself. On Valentine ’s Day of 2011, I decided I was gonna be my own valentine and do something for myself.
How I Lost It:  Weight Watchers 360
Current Weight:  154
GOAL:  145
The Hardest Part About Losing Weight Is…. The battle between “Is it worth it?” Sometimes I automatically wanna pig out, then I have to step back and remember, I don’t eat like I am 264 pounds anymore. I’ll get sick. Losing weight is a constant battle I have with myself on a daily basis. A war with my stomach and my head.  “Am I really hungry?” “Are you just thirsty?” and having to remember that I am doing this because I want to live to see my great-grandchildren some day and die of natural causes at an old age in my sleep.
My Advice To Those Trying To Lose Weight: Doesn’t matter how slow you go—As long as you GO! Those tiny steps, eventually lead to something bigger. There were so many times I wanted to say, “Forget this!” and quit. But I kept pushing. You have to work through the bad days to get to the good ones. You can’t compare your journey to someone else’s. You are your own competition. It’s a lifestyle change…meaning, it’s like a freeway. You take a wrong exit to “cheat day” You always have on-ramps back on to the freeway. So be kind to yourself. I have cheat days, hell! Even cheat weeks! Lol. But I always say, “I can get back on because this is a lifestyle…life isn’t perfect” and neither are you. You’ll eat that cheesy burrito and have that cold beer, but there’s always tomorrow to start a new. KEEP ON KEEPING ON!
Check out Stefanie at the links below!


#bern200 – Maintaining, The Paleo Way By @KoreanGold


Food should be good. Food should taste good. Food should be good for you.

I can honestly and sadly say I have lost and gained about 300 pounds since puberty. My problem has never been getting the weight off; it has always been maintaining weight loss. Falling out of habit, 5 pounds become 10 becomes 20 becomes 50 becomes 80. So this go around, it’s more important to learn and sustain healthy eating habits and to learn how to deal with stress the right way NOT by stuffing my face with sugar laden, fat laden food.

Over the years, I’ve learned that my body doesn’t respond well to certain food. Unfortunately, cakes, cookies, pies, breads, muffins, and other foods filled with bad carbs are the ones I enjoy the most. Being locked in a bakery is a common reoccurring dream! It seems as though my body holds on to these foods. Sometimes, I like to think that my body is literally allergic to these foods. Sounds crazy, huh?? Until I found out that many people feel this way and as a result they resorted to the Paleolithic diet or more commonly known as “Paleo”.

The concept of Paleo is simple enough. Quoted from RobbWolf.com, “The Paleo diet is the healthiest way you can eat because it is the ONLY nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic! Research in biology, biochemistry, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and many other disciplines indicate it is our modern diet, full of refined foods, trans fats and sugar, that is at the root of degenerative diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression and infertility.” This diagram sums it up.


A diet like this can be a real life changing routine. It gives you the ability to eat a variety of great tasting, nutritious food that is good for you, while excluding everything that’s not.

After extensive research (Google) and personal interviews with those who have adopted the Paleo lifestyle, I decided to give it a go for a month in February. I REALLY enjoyed the results. I had more energy and I could see a noticeable change in the way my clothes fit. However, those old habits kept calling my name, so I told myself I would do a week of cheat meals for the first week of March and resume the Paleo lifestyle. Needless to say this did NOT happen! Who plans a week of cheat meals? That’s planning for failure. Still, it matters not how many times you fail but instead how many times you get back up. Therefore I’m back at the Paleo lifestyle as a way to enjoy food without the guilt of processed foods.

To change your life, you must first change your life.  Weight loss is about finding a lifestyle change that works for you. I love food and I love to cook and I love to look good! Follow me as I explore this Paleo lifestyle!

To learn more about the Paleo diet, check out http://robbwolf.com/

Have you adopted a certain diet as a means to stay healthy? Have you tried Paleo? What’s your favorite “diet” food?


#bern200 – Fit By Force: The Journey Begins For Kimberly


The objective of the #bern200 movement is motivation for people who want to achieve their goals. Weight loss is something that a lot of individuals struggle with, and if I can motivate at least one person to get where they want to be, I would be satisfied. Kimberly has stepped up to the plate. Kimberly has agreed to share her story of struggle with weight, and put it out there for the world to see. Read what she has to say below!

I’ve hated exercise since the first time I was beat for not exercising properly. Yes, you read that correctly. I was beat, NOT to be confused with disciplined, for stopping during a run. I was seven years old. I had THAT parent that was a fitness fanatic and wanted to instill it in me. Good intent. Poor implementation.
I’ve loved food for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a house full of love food. I had the privilege of having my grandmother and great grandmother growing up and they loved to cook and I loved to eat. The love food was abundant. Like all horribly written movies, what happens next is expected. I gained weight; a LOT of weight. I lost it with all sorts of fads: starvation, coffee diets, vegetable soup diet, Master Cleanse, pills, fat camp, and fat shots. The pills were by far my favorite! HELLO ephedra!
But when the pills and fad diets went away and I needed love food because I wasn’t ready to deal with the real demons inside of me, 150 pounds became this ugly number. 238. 238. 238. TWO EFFING THIRTY EIGHT.
I haven’t revealed my weight to ANYONE since I left the 170s. I’m both embarrassed and empowered by revealing it. I feel like this huge weight (no pun intended) is lifted off my shoulders. No lies to me, no lies to family, and no lies to friends. Just truth. 238 pounds of truth.
In the past, I exercised and monitored my eating because of fear. The pain of getting beat for stopping in a run or getting ridiculed for the number on the scale was far greater than the pain of a run. Survival made me fit.
Today I will choose to do it out of love. Love for a man that has shown me every day for the last 6 months that it can be done with no tricks or shortcuts. Love for myself so I can live for me. Love for my child so I can be around as long as possible. And love for a “we”, for the common goal of having a healthy and fit family. Love food is not life. Food can give you life but food is not life. Life is love for yourself and others.
I begin this journey a bit embarrassed, a bit overwhelmed but entirely motivated. This journey is more than conquering the number on the scale it’s about finally facing those inner demons and loving my life: past, present, and future.

I want to congratulate Kimberly for making the decision to change for the better. Kimberly will be checking in periodically with progress, as well as recipie posts for those that need a few meal ideas.

#bern200 – My Daily Diet / Exercise Routine


The most frequently asked question I’ve come across has easily been about my diet and my exercise. Often times people struggle with losing weight because they have a hard time controlling what they eat, as well as setting a meal/workout schedule. This is understandable, seeing as how most overweight men and women get this way for eating whatever they want, whenever they want, and combining that with little to no exercise. It was a struggle, but for the first 12 weeks of my journey I followed a very strict meal / exercise plan, and after the first 8 weeks I made it such a routine that it became second nature. I initially researched the Paleo diet, but I found something that I was comfortable with and that I could do 7 days a week. Hopefully this helps one of you out on your journey.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, nutritionist, trainer, or any type of certified anything (besides DJ). The following is just a list of what I did to get where I am today. Please consult a physician / doctor before changing your diet / starting a workout routine. I will not be held responsible for anything that happens to you as a result of following this same plan (unless you lose weight and feel great; I take full responsibility in that scenario).

8oz water with lemon
4 eggwhite omelet with jalapeños / mushrooms
3 pcs nitrate free turkey bacon OR 3 chicken sausage links

1 hour cardio (800-850 cal burned on the Elliptical)

Between breakfast/lunch
1/4 cup of raw almonds or small red apple

8oz Baked chicken breast fillet
1 cup romaine lettuce/salad

Between lunch and dinner
One red apple or one banana

6-8oz salmon or tilapia fillet
1 cup steamed broccoli or cooked spinach

Throughout the day
A gallon of water

processed sugars
alcohol (actually any drinks besides water)
red meat

Excluded from the diet is fruit juice as well. The reason for me is because there is a lot of natural sugar in 100% pure orange juice, and I was trying to avoid that. I have added tofu to my diet to make up for the lack of calcium intake, but this routine totals about 1300-1500 calories consumed. What do you think of this diet? If you’re a nutritionist, what would you add to this diet?

(note: the above picture of breakfast is two servings of egg whites, 2 large eggs)