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[MUSIC] Trek Manifest (@TrekManifest) – ‘Americano Visionado’ (prod by Rare Kommodity)


That sound we’ve all been yearning for is back! Check out the new release from Trek Manifest ‘Americano Visionado’ produced by the great Rare Kommodity. This song is off of the forthcoming ‘L.E.G.A.C.Y.’ project. Let us know what you think!

[MUSIC] @TrekManifest – ‘Nice Guys Finish First’ EP


Columbus Ohio emcee Trek Manifest has been working hard on new material to do his part in keeping Hip Hop alive in the Capital City. It’s been a while since he’s released some new material, and ‘Nice Guys Finish First’ was well worth the wait. Featuring production from SupaNatra, Billionaire Boyscout, Snow, Rare Kommodity, and Tha Audio Unit, listeners will surely appreciate the range of dope music provided on the EP. My personal favorite is track 10, ‘The Way Things Should Be’ but you can check out the complete project below!!

[MUSIC] Bashwon – ‘Of Thieves And Saints’ EP (prod. by Rare Kommodity)


Often we come across independent artists that put out good music deserving of some exposure. ‘Of Thieves and Saints’ is just another example of this. Bashwon and Rare Kommodity team up to put out 5 solid Hip-Hop tracks you’ll rock to for sure. Check them out below via DatPiff


[MIXTAPE] @TrekManifest – ‘The Coldest Winter 4 Hosted By DJ BERN’


Every winter most of the country has nothing to look forward to but broken New Years Eve resolutions and cold snowy weather… and another great musical composition from emcee Trek Manifest. For the past 3 years The Coldest Winter series has been highly anticipated for its content and timely messages on music and love, and The Coldest Winter 4 is no different. Check out the mixtape hosted by DJ BERN which features production from Rare Kommodity, Fliccs, Snow, Tha Audio Unit, and more!

Click here to instantly download THE COLDEST WINTER 4 for free !

A message from Trek Manifest:

To my family & friends,

Over the past four years, I’ve had the opportunity to experience love, death, happiness, disappointment, stress, depression, joy, etc. I say opportunity because through those opportunities I was fortunate to put those experiences through my music. At one point it was an effortless attempt to get over these things I spoke of but,that attempt was not achieved. To have the absolute power of your words can be a dangerous thing and to know this I have now been able to be more creative and not just use this music to get over these things I’ve experienced but more so share to those who I care about the most. In a sense, my music has hopefully been an open letter to you all. I consider myself to be imperfectly perfect. My imperfections are what have made me the man I am today. The excitement of it all is that I am still growing!

So with the final installment of The Coldest Winter, I made sure I put EVERYTHING on here that I could. My mixtape life has came to its end and I am unapologetic about it. The growth of my music as an artist is beyond the compositions of other artists. That’s not a slight or diss to anyone who still does it, I just find myself wanting to build more with production that I have been able to contribute to.

TCW1 was my first true experience with heartbreak, TCW2 was my rebellion against it and anyone who thought I was still ok, TCW3 was a healing and growth as a man and artist, TCW4 is now the complete view of my actions, mistakes and flaws. I am beyond happy with my ability to be an artist and knowing my niche and feel for this music.

I truly hope you all enjoy this mixtape as I prepare for give you my all within a collection of EPs I’ve completed entitled “Live. Living. Lived”. Needless to say, I’ve been busting my you know what to give you the best quality music I possibly can.

I love you all and appreciate your support whether you’ve been here since Day One or DAY NOW….I STILL LOVE AND TRULY APPRECIATE YOU!