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[MUSIC] Nes Wordz (@NesWordz) – ‘Vintage Room’ (prod by @ThaAudioUnit)



I can appreciate a smooth Hip Hop joint. Check out the dope rhymes over a silky track on Nes Wordz ‘Vintage Room’ produced by Tha Audio Unit. Let us know what you think!

[MUSIC] S0ul Unreal – ‘PerennialBliss.GrndrCmplx [S0ul Mix 2]’

Album Cover

Los Angeles based producer, S0ul Unreal, reintroduces his sample laden sound to the world via a 6-track micro-EP entitled PerennialBliss.GrndrCmplx [S0ul Mix 2]. Clocking at just over 9-minutes, the EP blends classic hip hop records with a set of unique samples and arrangements. Check S0ul Unreal’s past work at SoundCloud.com/S0ulUnreal and stay tuned for some really dope music coming up.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/s0ulunreal/sets/perennialbliss-grndrcmplx

[MUSIC] Nes Wordz (@NesWordz) – ‘Weekend Love’ prod by @ThaAudioUnit


Week 22 of the year gives us another nice joint from Nes Wordz and Tha Audio Unit. Check out ‘Weekend Love’ below, a smooth hip hop joint that you can vibe to. Let us know what you think!

[MUSIC] Jordan (@HeirJordan) – ‘The Wildcard Freestyle’ prod by @TheJakeMusic


Columbus Ohio MC, Jordan releases “The Wildcard Freestyle”, his first solo track since appearing on The Jake produced track, “Hardcore”, featuring NC emcee, Sonyae.

Much like “Hardcore”, “The Wildcard Freestyle” was produced by NH producer, The Jake, who gets an assist from industry heavy-weights, The Block Beattaz.

Jordan will be releasing his first official mixtape, “The Heir Jordan X Tape” in July.   Expect a few more drops before the release!

Soundcloud Linkhttps://soundcloud.com/jordan1-2/wildcard-freestyle


Twitter Links: @HeirJordan



[MUSIC] Nes Wordz (@NesWordz) – ‘Hol’ Up’ (Produced By @ThaAudioUnit)

I need a late pass for this one, because somehow I didn’t catch the weekly drop from Nes Words and Tha Audio Unit last week. Here’s ‘Hol’ Up’ though, and as always its definitely worth a listen. Check it out below!

[MUSIC] Nes Wordz (@NesWordz) – ‘Drop’ (produced by Tha Audio Unit)


Nes Wordz and Tha Audio Unit hit us with another dope track from their 52 week run. Check out ‘Drop’ below, and let us know what you think!

[MUSIC] Nes Wordz (@NesWordz) – ‘Livin Life’ (prod. by Tha Audio Unit)

This image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows infant stars "hatching" in the head of the hunter constellation, Orion.

Another week of great music from the dynamic duo, Check out the smooth joint “Livin’ Life” by Nes Wordz produced by Tha Audio Unit below! This one has a different vibe, so let us know what you think!

[MUSIC] @AntoineEdmonson – ‘ER’ (Produced by PK)


Check out this new song from Antoine Edmonson called “ER.” The song talks about passion for your craft, and what it really means to put your heart into what you love. Let us know what you think!

[MUSIC] @NesWordz – ‘Red Pill’ (Produced By Tha Audio Unit)

Red Pill
Week 12 of 52 from the homie Nes Wordz brings us “Red Pill” produced by Tha Audio Unit. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

[MUSIC] @AntoineEdmonson – ‘Snapback’ feat Peter O’Toole (Prod. by Geoh for Chef Music)


Emcee Antoine Edmonson put together a great song for the ladies with ‘Snapback,’ featuring Peter O’Toole and produced by Geoh for Chef Music. The track is a soft love Hip Hop joint dedicated to the women in their mans’ snapback, and proves that you can show your love to the ladies without degrading them. Check it out below!