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[VIDEO] Hodgie (@HodgieXVII) – ‘Hey Zeus’

Hey Zeus Cover

Hodgie, formerly known as Hodgie Street is back with a new visual release entitled “Hey Zeus” from his debut album “American Dreamin“. Hey Zeus was produced by Wax, and directed by Philm Jackson. American Dreamin, executive produced by Rashad Thomas features guest appearances by Lantana Easy, Rashad and more, along with production from Chase N Cashe, Rashad and more. American Dreamin is set to release Summer 2014. Check Hey Zeus out below.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKikWHOY44g





[VIDEO] J Doze (@JDozeMusic) – ‘IDentity Slaves’


We like stumbling upon dope fresh hip hop artists, and J Doze is definitely that. I got put on to his work a few years ago, and as impressed as I was with his skills, his current work is light years ahead of it. Check out the video for ‘IDentity Slaves’ below and let us know what you think!

[VIDEO] Trek Manifest (@TrekManifest) – ‘Clear’


Trek Manifest releases a visual for his well-received single “Clear” produced by Billionaire BoyScout (French Montana, Katie Got Bandz) off his Nice Guys Finish First LP. The visual finds Trek in a state of paranoia while spitting some of his best material up to date.

You can download Nice Guys Finish First at http://www.trekmanifest.bandcamp.com

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[VIDEO] #projectBRAVE : govan (@WhereIsTheOwl) : FEAR OF LOVE [ part one ]


This is the kind of video certain people need to watch to get them on the right track. Steve Curl aka Govan Jones aka @WhereIsTheOwl aka @govanrjones aka @EDGE_knight removes the mask and reveals a (not so) secret story of his past, present, and future. Keep looking.

[VIDEO] The Bacon Bouquet Tutorial by @KoreanGold


If your husband / boyfriend is anything like mine, he LOVES bacon! This past Valentines Day, I decided to replace that boring bouquet of roses with some bacon roses. Visually appealing and equally as tasty! For you, Valentines may have come and gone but this would also be a great gift for 3/14, or any occasion! Let us know what you think!

[VIDEO] Efficial feat Gee Fabio – ‘Trap Mobile’


Check out this dope visual for the song “Trap Mobile” from the homie Efficial feat Gee Fabio. Everybody can relate to being in the trap mobile at some point in time in they life! Hustlers Anthem!!!

AVAILABLE NOW ON ITUNES!!!….http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZ…

Check out the website http://aseret-d.wix.com/3gmg

[VIDEO] Rhyme x Reasons J-Star The Dreamer – ‘A.U.’ prod by @ThaAudioUnit


Ohio has so much talent that has yet to be untapped, and this is another shining example. ‘A.U.’ is the 2nd single from J-Star The Dreamer’s up-coming project titled “SandBox Dreaming.” Check out the video below!

Follow J-Star on Instagram @Jstar_TheDreamer, and @TheCreativeMindofPortClinton, Twitter @JstarTheDreamer, Follow Rhyme x Reason on Twitter @RhymeandReason Download Rhyme x Reason music @ www.RhymeReason.bandcamp.com

[VIDEO] Cheating 101 by @IAmCreative247

Cheating is one of those strange things that are looked down upon by society as a whole, yet a large number of people are unfaithful to their significant other. Check out this interesting and refreshing take on the dos and donts of cheating on your beloved.

Be sure to leave a comment on the YouTube page, and check out her other videos! Also you can follow her on Twitter at @IAmCreative247 as well as subscribe to her YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/creativewritings247

[VIDEO] @IAmCreative247 – The $2000 Bet

We here at DJBERN.COM are very supportive of people that express their ideas, thoughts, and opinions just for the sake of doing so. We have been following Cre for quite some time now, as she does various vlogs on topics from dating, sex, politics, and other issues people deal with everyday. This most recent video titled “The $2000 Bet” talks about an interesting wager a male co-worker of hers had with another male. Check out the video below! Also check out all of her vlogs on her official YouTube Channel Creative Writings 24/7 here: http://www.youtube.com/user/creativewritings247. Also follow her on Twitter @IAmCreative247